How to order

Shopping - Selecting Products

Use the Product Finder on the left of the page or the Shopping menu at the top of the page to browse products.
The BUY button will add one item to your Shopping Basket and take you directly to the Order Summary.
The ADD button will add one item to your Shopping Basket and leave you shopping.
The INFO button provides more details about the product.
The View button at the top right of the page will take you to the Order Summary.
The total at the top right of the page includes product prices but not delivery.


Order Summary - Selecting Quantities

Your selected items are shown in the summary at the top of the page. You may change product quantities or delete a product line.
Prices in the summary include delivery. Delivery charges are calculated based upon the total weight of the products, the destination country and the service chosen - the default service is UK mainland next day.
Update Basket - after changing quantities press this button.
Empty Basket - clears Shopping Basket and returns you to shopping.
Continue Shopping - keeps products in Shopping Basket and returns you to shopping.


Order Summary - Delivery Information

Fill in the delivery information starting at the top of the form. We can deliver to most EC countries and the US. If you choose a country that is not the UK mainland or a premium service for the UK then your delivery charge will be amended accordingly.
Address information must be accurate to ensure a successful delivery. For UK addresses you must supply the correct postcode. If your address is not shown select the nearest match and then you may edit the Company name and Line 1 fields.
We highly recommend you supply a mobile phone number for the recipient. Our carriers use this number to text the recipient to pre-warn them of a delivery and give them options to change the delivery arrangements if they are not suitable. A phone number is required for all non UK mainland addresses.
Delayed delivery dates can only be selected for UK mainland addresses.
Enter your message of up to 30 words - this message will be handwritten in gold ink on a card and placed with your gift. Please state if you require a blank card or no card.
Enter any special instructions.


Order Summary - Cardholder Information

Enter the cardholder details or if applicable copy from Delivery Information. These details will be used to send confirmation emails as well as to take payment.



When you are happy with your order select Checkout at the bottom of the page to make payment. At the next page select your debit or credit card type and then enter your card details. To complete your order select Make Payment.


Purchase Complete

A summary of your order will appear which you can select to print. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email which also acts as a VAT receipt. You will also receive an email from our payment provider to confirm payment. When we prepare your order for dispatch you will receive an email with details to allow you to track your consignment.



If you have a problem placing your order online please either see our FAQ page or call us on 01483 284584 during office hours.