Get to Know the Legendary Laurent-Perrier Champagne House


By Mike Watkins | 09 Jun 2023
Laurent-Perrier Champagne

Greetings and welcome to this blog post concerning the renowned Laurent-Perrier Champagne House and its remarkable collection of champagne. Founded in 1812, the House of Laurent-Perrier has continually been at the forefront of crafting some of the most exceptional champagnes and wines around; from their iconic Cuvée Brut to their striking Laurent-Perrier Rosé. This piece is here to provide you with all that there is to know about this esteemed brand, including why it continues to being a favourite among experts on fine drinks as well as casual drinkers alike. Get ready now then for an exploration through taste and history so that we can discover what gives Laurent Perrier such distinction - ranging from production processes unique only them right down to the array of flavours offered by them.

History and Legacy of Laurent-Perrier Champagne House

The Laurent-Perrier Champagne House, founded in 1812 by winemaker André Michel Pierlot and passed through his family for generations until taken over by his grandson Louis Laurent in 1887, is one of the oldest and most prestigious champagne producers in France. Under Louis' leadership, the house achieved great success and became a major player within its industry. In 1925, Marie Louise took control of Laurent Perrier; she modernized it while keeping to traditional methods with regard to producing high-quality champagnes with delicate bubbles and aromas - many classic wines such as Brut Millésimé or Ultra-Brut Nature are still made using these techniques that were developed under her guidance. Furthermore, they also produce other sparkling varieties, including rosés and demi secs which have become increasingly popular throughout their history, along with their award-winning range of champagnes, having won numerous awards at events like the International Wine Challenge trophies, where they were named “Champion of Champions” three times since 2010. To maintain this exemplary standard beyond tradition on top from investing into research up new techniques, such as cryoextraction allowing more aroma capture during fermentation without sacrificing flavour complexity or finesse to be kept low alcohol levels, so light styles can be created; Bernard de Nonancourt was appointed leader after Marie Louise's passing in 1939 until 2007 when Stephane Derenoncourt joined business wealth experience working leading European wine estates furthering push iconic brand forward potential successes historic based centuries knowledge expertise making beloved name France come creating fine sparkling wines region Champagne.

Exploring the Laurent-Perrier Champagne Range

The Laurent-Perrier Champagne House, an esteemed French winery renowned for dedicating itself to excellence and quality in its offerings, has been producing some of the world's finest champagne since 1812. Its expansive selection is rich with character and complexity - from a Brut NV that offers something unique on the palette to single vintages exhibiting dissimilar traits. Among these are Blanc de Blancs cuvée specific only to vintage years as well as Piccolo Demi Sec sparkling wines apt for special occasions or celebrations. Outstandingly popular among champions of this house is Ultra-Brut NV; it carries delicate refreshment while complementing seafood platters or light starters such as salads or tartar dishes particularly well. For connoisseurs who favour a more robust flavour profile marked by nuances of almond and honeycomb on the nose, there exists Extra Brut demi sec which pairs delightfully with desserts like crème brûlée or fruit tarts too! Moreover, limited edition bottles regularly appear throughout the year, often adorned with bespoke artworks from celebrated artists including Jean Cocteauor, Andy Warhol making them ideal collector’s items but also suitable for home consumption at the correct moment! Consequently, over two centuries have validated that whatever type one desires, high standards can be trusted delivered by Laurent-Perrier Champagne House – a name synonymous with unsurpassed luxury since1812!

Delightful Taste of Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne

Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne

Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne is an indulgent experience for any champagne aficionado. This exquisite drink combines the amalgamation of red and white wines, resulting in its beguiling salmon colouring. An array of complex aromas greet you with the scent of wild strawberries, raspberries and dried fruits, creating a memorable taste sensation on your palate. It offers a full-bodied texture that is pleasingly balanced by vibrant acidity before releasing subtle hints of almond honeycomb and candied fruit as it leaves your tongue lingering for more! The Laurent Perrier Champagne House takes pride in their devotion to quality production, which can be noted throughout their selection of sparkling wines; including Laurent Perrier's Rosé Champagne - offering something unique each time you uncork it – making this tipple the perfect choice whatever celebration or casual occasion being marked. Furthermore, they take great steps towards sustainability during creation, meaning every bottle has been responsibly crafted, allowing one to indulge guilt free knowing that no harm was done in the process!

The Elegant Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Brut Champagne

Laurent-Perrier is esteemed as one of the most pre-eminent champagne houses in the world, and their flagship Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Brut Champagne evidently illustrates why. This particular cuvée has been crafted from solely Chardonnay grapes sourced from the Cote des Blancs region and offers a balanced and sophisticated taste that allows it to be appreciated on any occasion - whether for an extraordinary dinner or simply socializing with friends over drinks; all while producing an effervescent light gold colour coupled with extremely fine bubbles. There are also floral aromas exuding roses, jasmine, lilies together with fragrances of honeysuckle being released by this affluence beverage, thus making every sip luxuriously indulgent.

The flavour produced by Laurent-Perrier's prowess craftsmanship contains nuances such as brioche crusts along almond paste which give complexity to its ambiance whilst maintaining a smooth yet vibrant texture across the palate before finally concluding in a long finish ideal for pairing alongside shellfish entrées or salads; simultaneously providing freshness becomingly when combined into desserts like white chocolate mousse or fruit tarts - certainly highly recommended for those wishing to commemorate something speciality or just wanting maximum gratification through having at home bottle bubbling magnificence!
Pairing Foods with Different Laurent-Perrier Champagnes

The House of Laurent-Perrier has a longstanding tradition of crafting some of the most exquisite and delectable Champagnes in existence. With an expansive selection, they are sure to possess something for every palate. Nonetheless, what makes Laurent-Perrier remarkable is its aptitude to partner perfectly with various cuisines. Allowing them to transform any meal or event into something exclusive and extraordinary; their collection provides an ideal accompaniment for any affair one may host.

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle Champagne

When it comes to incorporating champagne within your cuisine, there exist several fundamental regulations which should be heeded carefully: One must always consider the type being served when pairing foods possessing analogous tastes - For instance; if serving Brut NV (non-vintage) from Laurent Perrier's range then opt for light dishes such as fish or poultry alongside white meat recipes such as chicken or turkey whereas Grand Siècle – their prestige cuvée – pairs best with richer meals like foie gras and game birds, etcetera… For those seeking guidance on choosing bottles that would suit certain edibles better than others — Ultra-Brut NV suits starters due to its delicate nature, meanwhile Cuvée Rosé/Demi Sec can accompany main courses depending upon how sweet you want your dish, while savoury desserts go well along with rich notes found in Brut Millésimee & lastly Blanc De Blancs proves wonderful when paired up against creamy cheeses particularly Brie/Camembert during cheese-based platters respectively… In conclusion, by understanding how distinct types from this house’s inventory could improve different flavours relying on sweetness levels at hand - one will easily provide guests memorable dining experiences each time!

In conclusion, the Laurent-Perrier Champagne House is a leader in producing world-renowned champagne. Their portfolio includes both classic and innovative styles; their flagship Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne offers a full body with aromas of red fruit and citrus, while their Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Brut adds complexity and structure to any occasion - whatever it may be. With such an extensive range from this esteemed house, there will undoubtedly be something for everyone wanting to enjoy the perfect glass of champagne with friends or celebrate life's most special moments.

Searching for an upscale drink to share with friends and family? Then Laurent-Perrier Champagne should be considered. It is manufactured in the centre of France employing only superior ingredients, making its taste truly distinctive and adding a refined touch to any celebration. This renowned brand has been appreciated by multiple generations since it was first produced in 1812. To make birthdays, anniversaries or dinner parties more special, one cannot go wrong when selecting Laurent-Perrier Champagne; purchase some now to experience outstanding French tradition!

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