Just Champagne Corporate Services

Corporate Champagne Gifts

Champagne has long been recognised as a prestigious business gift. A very acceptable way of saying well done, thank you, congratulations or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. It is also a popular choice for business gifts at Christmas to clients and staff.

For all these occasions you can order champagne online securely, quickly and easily for up to 5 separate addresses (you will need to place 5 separate orders). For more than five addresses please contact us so we can help process your order and save you time. You can either use our address template (which we can email to you) or send us your address list in your own format.

We can offer advice on product selection, address formats, delivery information, gift cards and other options such as branding. Typically for larger orders we provide a quote within a few hours.

Please refer to separate pages in this section for branding, call offs, our concierge service and Christmas gifts.

Finally please remember we can supply wine, port & sprits as well as champagne......but our favourite is champagne!